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Eyebrows are one of the most important features that you have as they are necessary to frame your face whether you’re wearing makeup or not. In order to make sure that you always look your best, you should take the time to sufficiently take care of your eyebrows. Below are some important tips to take into consideration when you’re interested in enhancing your aesthetics.

Finding Your Arch

When you’re tweezing your eyebrows it is important that you find the perfect placement for your arch. If you make an arch that is far too close to the middle of your eye, it will create a furrowed brow look. To find the perfect placement for your arch, get a pencil and hold it on the outside of your iris. Wherever the other end of the pencil lands is where the tip of your arch should be.

Tweeze When It’s Necessary

Even though you may have the idea that you always want to look your best, it is important that you avoid twee-zing your eyebrows whenever you want and only stick to a regular schedule. Twee-zing every day or every 3 days is way too much and even though you may think that you’re getting rid of stray hairs, you could be getting rid of important ones. Many cosmeticians advise twee-zing every 3 weeks depending on the severity of your hair growth.

Where Brows Should End

Much like finding your arch, figuring out where your brows end is essential to making sure that your eyes don’t look too droopy. In order to figure out how long your eyebrows should be, feel your brow bone. You should be able to actually feel where your ocular bone will end and this is exactly where your brows should finish as well.

One Hair at a Time

When you begin twee-zing you may think that there are hundreds of hairs that need to go away but it is important that you tweeze a single hair at a time. If you pull more than one hair at a time you could seriously damage the shape of your brows as you won’t be able to judge exactly where to tweeze next. Even though one hair at a time may be more time consuming, you have to make a conscious effort to make sure that you’re pulling the right hairs. After you’ve pulled one or two, make sure that you step back and look at yourself in the mirror.

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