Yoga Tips



1. Increase Flexibility.

You may think being flexible is not very important. Think again! Even if you don’t want to show off to your friends that you can do the splits, being limber is important for your life. Among other benefits, being flexible can prevent back pain and support good posture.

2. Stimulate Circulation.

The flowing movements of yoga help your blood to circulate, providing oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to cells and tissues.

3. Lower Blood Pressure.

The relaxing nature of yoga promotes circulatory health by helping the body to lower its blood pressure.

4. Fight Disease.

The movements of yoga stimulate the function of the lymphatic system, which is what your body uses to fight off infections, diseases, and toxins.

5. Reduce Chronic Pain.

Yoga can help relieve on-going pains resulting from arthritis, headaches, and other conditions.

6. Sleep Better.

Practicing yoga can help those suffering from insomnia to be able to relax and have peaceful sleep.

7. Manage Stress.

Physical exercise has been shown to reduce stress and improve the mood state. The meditative and relaxation focus of yoga makes it even more targeted at reducing stress, which often reduces physical pain as well.

8. Increase Strength.

Yoga focuses on strengthening core muscles that support the spine, and thereby support the entire body.

9. Improved Digestion.

The stretching movements of yoga, in combination with an organic diet, can help relieve digestive problems.

10. Eliminate Toxins.

Bikram, or “hot yoga,” helps the body eliminate toxins by increasing the amount that you sweat.

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