Yoga Tips



1. It relieves stress.

The poses, breathing, and the environment in a yoga session are a great form of healthy stress relief. Practicing yoga helps bring blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to your body which help relax your muscles and reduce stress levels.


2. It teaches you about your body and how you treat it.

When you are doing yoga, you learn about how your body moves and what stretches can improve the way you feel. You also improve your posture. When you know more about your body, you appreciate it more and will take care of it!


3. It teaches you how to breathe properly.

The most important part of yoga is focusing on your inhales and exhales. You learn to breathe while exercising. Once you learn proper breathing, it will help you in your everyday life, such as when you are in a stressful situation at work and need to keep calm.


4. It improves flexibility.

Who doesn’t want to be more flexible? When you first start yoga, you aren’t as flexible as the instructor (duh) or your classmates, but don’t fret. In time you will see the progress you have made and it will begin to get easier!


5. It helps your performance in all other forms of exercise.

Yoga betters your breathing, flexibility, and strength which will improve your performance in the other active things you do like stretching, running, hiking, weight lifting, bike riding, swimming, ect. I’ve seen football players in yoga class. Whether they were there for the health benefits or the instructor is beyond me, but their health benefited from it and that’s all that matters.


6. It helps you sleep better.

Yoga is one of the best ways to shake off a bad day. Doing yoga right before or close to bed time will clear your mind, calm your body, and help you get a good night’s rest.


7. It makes you happier.

Doing yoga is a major boost for your health, which makes you feel good!


8. It’s good pain relief.

There are a numerous amount of causes that we feel pain (chronic back pain, disease, physical work, injury, anxiety, ect.). Yoga has proven to help with the pain we feel in our body, which is why so many people love it.


9. You learn how to meditate.

Who said meditation is only for Buddhists? Meditation is necessary to help the body clear the mind and restore what it needs. Meditation can be done through my personal favorite yoga pose – Savasana (corpse pose).


10. It increases bone density.

This may not matter to us now, but when we get older, our bones are going to become brittle and weak. You don’t want to be that old woman that has fallen and can’t get up because she broker her hip. If we take care of ourselves now, we can have a healthy senior life!


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