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Make green lutein mask for removing wrinkles and briging back the volume to the skin on your face!

You think it is time to get Botox? Erase that thought because it is way better to remove wrinkles and hydrate and tighten your facial skin with natural remedy.

Forget about Botox, needle tingling and injecting harmful materials in your body. The mask we will present in addition to this article will keep the attention because it has anti-aging properties and will give you great results when it comes to improving your face’s skin.

Of all natural treatments you can prepare at home, this mask is one of those where the result is visible immediately.

Green lutein mask with rejuvenating effect.

Ingredients needed:

– 200 grams of spinach
– 200 grams of green kale
– ¼ of a cup of extra virgin olive oil
– ¼ of a cup of sour cream

Method of preparation

Put the spinach and kale in a bowl and cook them little, just enough so they are softened. Then strain the water and mix them in a blender, add the olive oil and sour cream and mix again in order to unite all the ingredients and get homogeneous resulting mixture.

How To Use:

Apply this green mask on your, previously well cleaned, face and neck. You can use a brush for applying it. Let the mask act for about eight minutes. Next thing to do is rinse it twice. Use lukewarm water the first time, and the second with cold water in order to close the pores. Use the mask twice a week. The skin will be beautiful and tight.

Keep leftovers of this mask in the refrigerator.
Why is this mask so beneficial?

The main ingredients, that give the great rejuvenating effect, are lutein, vitamin Е and lactic acid.

Luein, which is strong antioxidant contained in green leafy vegetables, protects the skin from free radicals. It also increases skin’s elasticity for 68%, skin’s hydration is improved by 82%, and the level of lipid is increased up to 63%.

Olive oil hydrates and feeds both skin and hair. It contains antioxidants, vitamin E and eases the process of toxic elimination out of the blood. Mediterranean nations know these things well. This is why Mediterranean women have beautiful skin and gorgeous thick hair. Olive oil is used in numerous skin and hair products.

Sour cream, as all fermented dairy products, contains lactic acid that is essential for beautiful and healthy skin. This acid helps the skin to retain moisture, produce natural peeling and stimulates collagen production. Lactic acid is used in many cosmetic skin care products. Removes dead skin cells and promotes new young cells, thereby reducing wrinkles.

Do not expose directly to the sun when you use this mask! Be careful because it can increase the sensitivity of the skin.

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