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The hourglass physique.

If you think for a moment about your ideal version of the female physique, it probably resembles something like an hourglass. That is, the shoulders and hips are about equal in width, with the torso tapering to the waist in between the two, and a curvy hip region. It quite literally looks like an hourglass. Throughout the ages, from Ancient Greece to Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe, this shape has been coveted and sought after more than any other. No doubt this is for good reason; studies have shown that men prefer this shape more than any other. Even blind men seem to prefer women with this shape. What makes the hourglass figure what it is is the waist to hip ratio. It has been determined that the ideal waist to hip ratio is 0.7. That is, the waist is approximately 70% the circumference of the hips.


As with most things, there is a reason behind this. It’s not that this ratio simply looks best to males, it’s actually what they’re biologically programmed to find the most attractive. You see, a waist to hip ratio of 0.7 is associated with higher levels of estrogen in women. Higher levels of estrogen have a positive effect on fertility, so men looking for a good candidate to help them pass their genes on naturally gravitate toward women with this body shape. It’s really nothing more than science.

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