Yoga Tips


Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.


Twists like the Half Lord of the Fishes pose are great for the back because they lengthen and strengthen the spine. Be sure to pay attention to your body while doing this pose; if you are in a lot of back pain, start slowly before going too deep into the pose. As an alternative try the One-legged Seated Spinal Twist instead.

Downward Facing Dog.


While many people think of the tried and true Downward Facing Dog as a go-to stretch for the calves, it’s great for the back, too. Downward Facing Dog stretches out and aligns the spine, undoing all the hunching over we do throughout the day.

Cat and Cow Pose.


Whenever my back feels achy, I love doing the Cat and Cow pose because it warms up my spine and feels a bit like a gentle massage.

Triangle Pose.


Triangle pose is a test of balance and wonderful for back alignment. This pose helps lengthen the sides of the torso where a surprising amount of tension can hide. If your neck is bothering you too, go ahead and looks down at your front foot instead of your top hand.

Fish Pose.


Relieve stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and back with Fish pose. It’s a great beginner pose and will help stretch out your spine too; plus it’s the perfect antidote for a day spent hunched over a desk.

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